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Health & Fitness Collections

Most Health Club Operators need help managing their member declines and collection issues. Rather than focus on back-end collections, all Gym Staffers should be 100% focused on Member Service Activities that lead to Retention, and leave the more difficult task of collecting to a trusted collection partner like FCS.

All of our Collection Phases incorporate a high level of Member Retention, and we always leave the door open for every past-due member to reinstate their membership with the gym. We look to find an amicable resolution that leaves all 3 parties pleased with the final outcome.


Your First Choice When Choosing a Gym Collection Agency

First Credit Services has been pioneering innovative and effective collection and decline management programs for the health and fitness industry since 1993. With our state-of-the-art technology, computer systems, and large staff of industry experts, our gym collection agency focuses on customer service driven collections. The FCS collection program is an industry-proven method to increase cash flow, reduce receivables, increase member retention, and most importantly alleviate club operators’ time to concentrate on their members’ health and wellness.

FCS’ ability to combine great collection results with a service that drives member retention and customer satisfaction is what truly defines us as the industry leader for the health and fitness community. FCS understands that the survival of each gym business is dependent on its local communities, thus we complement our collection programs with a customer service driven approach. Our overall goal is to drive membership back to the health and fitness facility while maximizing dollars collected.