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Industries We Serve as a Third Party Debt Collector

FCS BPO offers a wide range of back-office services all designed to lower internal costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer support.

FCS BPO builds and integrates an effective on-line chat program into our first party applications. This is a very cost effective process that can be constructed to respond to very “simple” high volume inquiries from your consumers. This service delivers fast response rates to increase overall customer satisfaction.

First Credit Services’ main objective is to act as an extension of your credit department, to enhance your receivables process and to achieve the highest possible return on each account you place in the trusted hands of our agency. Our success is dependent on your satisfaction as a client.

We strive to maintain continuous communication with our clients and to work hand-in-hand to resolve your receivables concerns while preserving the valued relationships you have with your customers.


FCS BPO develops sophisticated call center programs dedicated to delivering best-in-class, cost effective processes in accordance with your overall business requirements. Bilingual capabilities. Responding to high volumes of customers is a struggle for most companies who are focused on growth initiatives. Investing in a large-scale call center operation is not a core competency of most growing organizations,. Maintaining the staff, technology, and processes involved in call center management is better served through an experienced BPO


First Party Billing and Collection Processes are handled by our state-of-the-art call center locations managed by our FCS BPO trained Account Management Team. Reaching out to high volumes of consumers is a process that is handled within all state and federal guidelines to ensure 100% compliance and accuracy. We work directly with our clients to develop a documented Transition Methodology Plan to ensure proper roll out and execution of all project parameters.


Under the FCS BPO Umbrella, we operate a diverse group of collection offerings under the following brand names:


Dedicating specific experts to each one of our business units is what sets us apart within the industries we serve:

  • High Volume / Small Balance Collection Programs
  • High Balance Collection Specialists
  • Skip Tracing
  • Credit Reporting
  • Segmentation and Analytic

increased FLEXIBILITY to our clients

FCS BPO's offerings involve the contracting of a company's operations and responsibilities of specific business functions (or processes) to our third-party services. Our core-competency is in high volume customer-related operations such as Contact Center Management and Collections. FCS BPO programs are designed to offer increased FLEXIBILITY to our clients by improving Cost Efficiency, Manpower, Technology, Security, and Compliance. This allows our clients to focus on core-competencies while benefiting from a solution which leads to better Quality Control, Efficiency and ultimately Great Customer Service.