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Learn about First Credit Services in the Marketplace. FCS is always looking to find ways to share our knowledge of all Collection Business and how it directly impacts our friends, partners and colleagues that make up the Health & Fitness Industry.

A few samples:
1. Article: GGFA The Voice Nov/Dec 2012 Issue
2. Article: Keeping up with Collection Agency Compliance within the Health & Fitness Industry
3. Video Overview
4. Article "60 is the New 90"
5.The voice 2015 fourth Quarter

Video Overview

Best Places to Work in Collections 2014, 2015, and 2016


FCS employs a team of dedicated professionals handling all defaulted membership negotiations. Every representative is fully trained in Health & Fitness collections and completely understands all of the pitfalls they might encounter on a given call. Collecting defaulted Gym Agreements is not an easy job because it takes a dedicated individual to help each member fully understand their obligation to pay.


FCS Utilizes proprietary member sensitive collection techniques to collect the most money possible, AND most importantly, retain goodwill within your community. Whether you own a single facility or several centers throughout a region, members typically live within a 10 mile radius of the gym or studio. FCS knows that word, either good or bad, spreads rather quickly within each centers’ marketplace, and just one member’s bad experience can quickly spread and tarnish your reputation.

Of course, nobody wants to be contacted by a collection agency, and some backlash is expected. Partnering with an agency that knows how to maintain a positive outlook and professional attitude signifies to your community, that you are just conducting business, and collections is simply part of the equation. The agency you choose to partner with must be held accountable for their actions because your collection partner does have an impact on your overall image.