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Most Health Club Operators need help managing their member declines and collection issues. Rather than focus on back-end collections, all Gym Staffers should be 100% focused on Member Service Activities that lead to Retention, and leave the more difficult task of collecting to a trusted collection partner like FCS.

All of our Collection Phases incorporate a high level of Member Retention, and we always leave the door open for every past-due member to reinstate their membership with the gym. We look to find an amicable resolution that leaves all 3 parties pleased with the final outcome.


First Credit Services, Inc. has the ability to develop client-specific Early-Stage Outsourcing Programs dedicated to your business requirements. We employ a flexible staff dedicated to the development of the right program geared toward your overall business model and customer service goals.

If you are struggling to develop a motivated staff and/or process to effectively handle your back-office requirements, it is typically a good business decision to find an outsource provider dedicated to the business task you are trying to perfect. Don’t settle for anything less than what your business requires. Leaving money on the table, or failing to deliver a consistent message to every one of your customers simply leads to an unhealthy bottom-line.

Not all Business Process Outsource Providers have the staff and technology in place to allow for the seamless transition required when developing outsourced solutions that really work. At FCS you will quickly find the people willing to help build a system dedicated to YOUR success.

Our Phase 1 Program consists of strategic and cost-effective Phone Calls, Letters, and E-mails, designed to ensure every declined member is given a fair opportunity to update their membership payment information, and get back on track.


First Credit Services overall collection model has been developed by some of the most influential collection agency veterans, possessing unparalleled knowledge and passion for both the Health & Fitness Industry and Collection Business. FCS always stays ahead of the curve by investing in updated technology and training to ensure best practices and industry leading results.

We achieve these results by committing to our overall collection plan consisting of a multi-touch collection campaign designed to ensure consistent contact is made with each debtor on a regular basis. We continue to develop and train some of the best Collection Service Representatives in the industry, and we couple their talent with state-of-the-art telephony technology. We also utilize the service of several Skip-Trace vendors to ensure accurate data scrubs and data enhancement. We have also developed an effective letter campaign to compliment our extremely effective phone strategy. Every client has the option to Credit Report debtor accounts to the National Credit Reporting Agencies through our services.

The FCS Phase 2 Program is an effective strategy that most health & fitness facilities can utilize very easily through the program you already have in place. This process has already been built into your existing software, and depending on your current club management software platform, you can access our services rather easily. Phase 2 typically handles your member declines after Phase 1 or after your internal collection efforts have been exhausted.

First Credit Services is the standard by which the entire Health & Fitness Community measures the success of any other collection program. FCS has maintained industry leading results and services that promote member retention and the highest recovery dollars possible.


Member Win Back - First Credit Services has developed an effective late-stage strategy which allows our health & fitness clients to make one last attempt to save the Membership from falling completely out the picture. By extending an olive branch to your delinquent members you are letting them know that you are willing to work with them as long as they have regained their commitment to live a healthy lifestyle and reactivate their membership. Our Amnesty Program is cost-effective and saves hundreds of memberships from falling through the cracks each month.


This full suite of services is designed to handle all aspects of your A/R Management Process and couples Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 into one consistent program that you can count on to deliver industry leading results and service.